Razor Cinnamon Deodorizer

Spray Razor Cinnamon Deodorizer into the air for a long lasting, cost effective fragrance. It is for Commercial & Institutional use and is 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe and people friendly.

Razor Cinnamon Deodorizer is available in quarts (ready to use) and drums.

Razor Ration Pack Cinnamon Deodorizer is also available.  A 1 quart bottle makes 5 gallons of ready to use product.

Razor Cinnamon Deodorizer Ration Pack

Razor Cinnamon Deodorizer Ration pack is packaged in quart sized bottles and are super concentrated. One quart of Cinnamon Deodorizer Ration Pack makes 5 gallons of product. Cinnamon Deodorizer Ration Packs are packaged 16 quarts to a case.

Razor Cinnamon Deodorizer empty spray bottles are screen printed with the Cinnamon Deodorizer label to ensure safe storage of the Razor product. The empty spray bottles are sold separately.

How To Use:

  • Fill empty Cinnamon Deodorizer spray bottle with Ready-2-UZ deodorizer fro the Buddy Jug.
  • Lightly Spray into the air of bathrooms and areas or rooms that smell.
  • Lightly spray on the ceiling or wall, air filters to the furnace/ air conditioner.


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